Basic Analytics & SEO Tracking

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What is it?

Receive a monthly report based on clean data that excludes bots crawling our site or your own internal traffic.


The report includes a breakdown of how people are arriving at your site, whether it’s through Google search, Bing, Facebook, or other social media. Additionally, it provides information on what visitors did during their visit, such as how much of the page they scrolled, which buttons or links they clicked, and how long they stayed on your site.


You can also request specific things or events to be tracked, including any marketing campaigns. Just contact bpnWebTech with details before the campaign launches so specific links can be created for tracking.

Why do you need this?

Gaining insight into who is using your website and how they are finding it is invaluable data. This information can help you determine what’s working and what’s not, which is especially important when considering whether any changes need to be made. It’s important to base your decisions on measured data rather than guesswork or hunches.

What will be done?

A plugin will be installed to make the connection so everything can be tracked. To avoid ad-blockers, a sub-domain and CNAME update to your DNS will be made.


To avoid tracking your own visits on your site, please provide the IP addresses of all devices you don’t want to be included in the visit data.


You will be given a link and password to view your site traffic at any time, and a monthly report will be emailed to you.

  • Basic Analytics & SEO Tracking
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