Explore the Benefits of Developer Licenses in the bpnWebTech Retainer Program


If you’ve used WordPress, you’re familiar with the free and premium plugins and themes available to enhance your website’s functionality and design. In this post, we’ll explore the benefits of the multi-site and developer licenses offered in the bpnWebTech Retainer Program.

Types of Licenses

When it comes to premium plugins and themes, developers typically offer licenses that dictate usage, distribution, and modification rights. Here are three common types of licenses:

  1. Single Site License: This license allows you to use the plugin or theme on one website. If you have multiple websites, you’ll need to purchase separate licenses for each site. It suits individual bloggers or small businesses with a single online presence.
  2. Multi-Site License: A multi-site license permits you to use the plugin or theme on multiple websites that you own or manage. This license is ideal for developers, agencies, or businesses that operate multiple websites and want to save costs by using the same premium product across all their sites.
  3. Developer License: A developer license typically grants you the ability to use the plugin or theme on an unlimited number of websites. It targets web developers or agencies who create and manage websites for clients. It allows them to use the premium product on all their client projects without restrictions.

bpnWebTech Retainer Program Benefits

The bpnWebTech Retainer Program provides multi-site and developer licenses for various premium plugins and themes. This program offers several benefits to its members, including:

Cost Savings

The multi-site and developer licenses included in the bpnWebTech Retainer Program offer users substantial cost savings. For instance, instead of paying $30-$40 or $150 or more for a plugin as a one-time purchase, program members do not need to buy that license separately.

The true savings come from the monthly or yearly subscription model employed by many plugins and themes. The exact amount saved will vary depending on the specific plugins needed, but most members can save $100 – $200 or even more annually when considering the cost of the retainer program.

Enhanced Support and Updates

Developers of premium plugins and themes regularly release updates to enhance functionality, fix bugs, and improve security. By joining the bpnWebTech Retainer Program, users receive the same level of support and updates as users with a single site license.

High-quality plugins generally require minimal support. However, if assistance is needed, it is readily available and managed by bpnWebTech. This means you won’t have to fill out support tickets or struggle with technical jargon or complex terminology to understand the response.

Access to a Wide Variety of Premium Plugins and Themes

The bpnWebTech retainer program offers access to numerous premium plugins and themes. These plugins are categorized into different types. Utility plugins focus on providing security, optimizing page load speed, and improving overall performance. Page builder plugins, such as Oxygen, Bricks Builder and Automatic CSS, provide professional-level tools for creating web pages. Furthermore, there are plugins that enhance the WordPress admin experience by offering features like image management and customizable admin menus. Additionally, there are plugins specifically designed for e-learning, such as learning management systems, and for non-profits, such as donor management tools.


To sum up, the bpnWebTech Retainer Program has many advantages for its members. They get access to premium plugins and themes for their websites without paying extra. With this program, they don’t need to buy separate licenses for each site, which saves money. Plus, they receive the same support and updates as users with a single site license. Joining the bpnWebTech Retainer Program helps users make the most out of their WordPress websites.

Brian Newhall

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