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What is it?

WordPress users may encounter frustration when their website malfunctions. This can occur due to a variety of reasons, such as updates to themes or plugins, or hosting or server configuration issues. Issues can arise after a plugin or theme update, such as missing images or content or incorrect displays.

Why do you need this?

Identifying the root cause of these problems can be a challenging and time-consuming task, requiring both patience and attention to detail. As an experienced WordPress developer, I am familiar with the most common errors that users encounter, and I have acquired significant knowledge and expertise that allows me to resolve them quickly and efficiently.


Besides my technical skills, I am also good at researching and evaluating potential solutions from many sources, such as support forums, documentation, and consultations with other developers. I use my skills and experience to ensure that your WordPress site runs smoothly and performs well, no matter what issues may arise.

What will be done?

First, we will schedule an initial call to discuss any issues you are experiencing with your WordPress site. This will include a review of the themes and plugins currently in use.


Most problems can be solved quickly and easily. If the issues require more than 4 hours to resolve, I will provide you with an estimate of how much additional time is needed along with a summary of different options to solve them, if applicable.


WordPress Developer – 4 Hour Block

4 hours
  • Technical review of site theme & plugins
  • Resolution of issues or estimate and options to do so
  • The majority of common issues are resolved with 4 hour time block

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