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“Brian has a high work quality, he is very professional, very responsive, his work has great value, and he is very punctual. I enjoy working with him and plan to continue doing it.”

- Eran Shorr
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Teacherstrading.com is a marketplace for teachers to buy and sell teaching materials. Teachers can connect with each other, share ideas, and access a wide range of resources, from lesson plans to assessments. All materials are created by teachers, for teachers, providing a high-quality and trustworthy platform for educators to share their resources and improve the learning experience for students.


In addition to a site redesign, Teacherstrading.com expanded to include a new directory site for educational services. This provides more opportunities for educators to showcase their skills and for students to find the services they need. The directory includes services such as tutoring, test preparation, and educational consulting, making it easier to find the right resources.


The third site is an online course learning management system, which lets teachers easily create and customize their courses without worrying about technical aspects like web development and payment processing. Students can browse and enroll in courses of their interest from anywhere in the world. This makes education more accessible and convenient for everyone.