What do I need to launch a website?

1.  Domain Name
This is your site address link. For example, the domain for this site is bpnWebTech.com. 
We can use a domain you already have or it can be provided in the hosting package.
2.  Hosting
Hosting refers to the the computer server that stores your website content. It is an ongoing cost to a website after the initial build & launch.

If you already have hosting lined up, I would need admin level access.

See below for bpnWebTech hosting pricing.
3.  Content
We will work together to develop a UI style guide. See this site's style guide.

You will need to provide the text and image content. I can help provide image resources (purchase or free options).

I can help with planning your navigation menus and page structure. I will build your site based on your input and any websites you provide as examples of what you are looking for.

How Much Does It Cost To Build?

The cost to launch a website increase in relation to how large and/or how complex the site is. Contact bpnWebTech to discuss your website needs and receive a quote.

Basic Website

Portfolio type website
General info 'brochure type' website

Basic Website

One time | Initial build
$400 - $600

User Login Website

Membership site

User Login Website

One time | Initial build
$800 - $1000

Specialized Website

Online courses
Donor management
Appointment scheduling

Specialized Website

One time | Initial build
$1200 - $1400

How Much Does It Cost To Maintain?

The cost to maintain a website depends on how much support you want & how much you want to do yourself.
Contact bpnWebTech
 to discuss your website support needs.
WordPress Managed Hosting
1 hour support


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WordPress Managed Hosting
2 hours support


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WordPress Managed Hosting
4 hours support


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Business Plus
WordPress Managed Hosting
10 hours support


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For details see WordPress Managed Hosting.
For all hosting packages, if support time is ever needed beyond included monthly amount, the pre-approved hours would be invoiced separately that month at 10% discount to base rate. ($40/hr vs. $50/hr)

Next Steps

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