Website Page Speed Audit

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What is it?

A website page speed audit is a process of evaluating a website’s page loading speed and identifying any issues that may be slowing it down. This audit can help website owners improve the overall user experience and increase website traffic.

Why do you need this?

When it comes to website optimization, one of the most important factors to consider is page speed. A fast-loading website is crucial for both user experience and search engine optimization. With this in mind, conducting a website page speed audit can be a valuable exercise for any website owner

What will be done?

During a website page speed audit, your website’s code will be analyzed, and opportunities to optimize it will be identified. These may include compressing images, minifying JavaScript and CSS files, and reducing the number of server requests.


After the audit is complete, a summary report will be provided to you. This report will compare your page speed to that of other websites and provide the top three ways to improve it. Additionally, it will estimate the cost of implementing these improvements.

  • Website Page Speed Audit
    1 day
    • Page speed score in comparison to average websites
      Summary of top three ways to improve the page load speed
      Page speed will be evaluated on home page & 4 other pages as requested.

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