Website Accessibility Audit

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What is it?

Learn whether or not your site is accessible for people with disabilities, compliant with legislation, and get a report of all deficiencies.

Why do you need this?

Protection against legal action: just like a physical business space needs to be handicapped accessible, there are standards for websites. You can read more about ADA compliance and how it applies to websites here: Everything on ADA Compliance and how it applies to websites.


Around 20-25% of the US population has some form of disability, making them a significant portion of web users and potential customers. They are more likely to use sites that are accessible compared to those that are not.


Additionally, making your website accessible can benefit its SEO. You can learn more about the relationship between Search Engine Optimization and Accessibility here: Search Engine Optimization and Accessibility.

What will be done?

You will receive an audit report, measuring how ADA-compliant your website is. The report will break down what areas your site is compliant with and specify what areas need to be addressed.

  • Website Accessibility Audit
    1 day
    • ADA-compliance scoreElaborate explanations of all deficiencies

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