Screen Share Sessions

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What is it?

Schedule 1:1 screen-sharing sessions with a professional WordPress developer who can help troubleshoot, write code snippets, add plugins, and provide guidance and support for any WordPress-related questions you might have.

Why do you need this?

Only pay for the time it takes to solve your problem.


No need to waste time with Google searches, sorting through outdated support forums and YouTube videos, or waiting for support tickets to be answered.


New to WordPress? This is a great option for those looking to learn how to do things on their own.

What will be done?

We will set the session agenda beforehand to avoid wasting time, and to allow for any necessary pre-call research.


Sessions are scheduled and billed hourly. At the end of each hour, you can choose to either add another hour or schedule a follow-up session if necessary.


  • Screen Share Sessions
    • Google Meet Screen Share (or invite with your Zoom if preferred)
      Flexible scheduling (Evenings, Weekends, or Regular Business Hours)

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