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What is it?

If you discover that your media library has an excessive number of unused or duplicate images, it may be time to do some spring cleaning. If your site has hundreds or even thousands of images, it can be challenging and time-consuming to identify which images are duplicates, which are being used on the site, and which are not. This service saves you time and frustration by removing unneeded image files.

Why do you need this?

By deleting these unnecessary files, you can help organize your media library and make it easier to find the files you actually need. Not only that but deleting unnecessary files can also help speed up your website, which is good for both your visitors and your search engine rankings.

What will be done?

This is a complex task, and there is a real risk of removing the wrong files. Therefore, a backup of your site is created to ensure a complete restoration if something goes wrong.


A scan is performed on your media library, and a report is generated to identify any unused and/or duplicate files. After review, the images identified as safe to remove are deleted.


A final inspection of the site is done to identify if any images are missing on the front end. If only a few images are missing, they will be replaced manually. If a large number of images are missing, a complete site restoration may be necessary.

  • Remove Unused or Duplicate Images
    1 day - for average size websites
    • Pre-removal restoration backup fileScan of media library image filesRemoval of unused or duplicate image files

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