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bpnWebTech provides end-to-end professional services for each stage of web design, development, deployment, and beyond. Choose a service level that fits your needs best, from short term products to long term partnerships.


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Basic maintenance services included with all monthly plans:

Premium Themes and Plugins

With bpnWebTech developer licenses, you have access to Astra Pro and Divi Themes, and many other premium plugins worth up to over $1000 per year. If you cancel a monthly plan, all themes and plugins will still work the same. The only change would be that future theme/plugin updates would not work unless you purchased your own license.

Daily Security Scan

Malware scanning by a leading malware-scanning service in the industry to help identify issues such as JavaScript injections, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), hidden and malicious iframes, malicious redirects and phishing attempts. If a problem is identified, the malware is quarantined and the account owner is notified to determine how to proceed.

Daily Updates

Updates come out frequently and often include security patches. Updates include the WordPress core itself, all plugins and themes.

Daily Backups/Restoration

Backups are stored securely off-site so that if there is ever a failure on your website server, your backups are still safe and can be used to get your website back up and running. If something catastrophic happens with your site and you need to roll back to a backup, we’ll take care of it for you. These requests automatically go to the top of the queue and the request will be handled asap.

Custom Dashboard

The WordPress dashboard can be a confusing place. bpnWebTech can customize your view so only the areas you need are visible. The reduced clutter improves the user experience.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

The uptime monitoring service will check your site every 5 minutes to see whether it returns a status code between 200 and 399. If your website returns a status code greater than 399 (think of common error codes like 404, 503, 504, etc.), bpnWebTech will notify you to determine what to do next. If your hosting is with bpnWebTech, problems can be addressed right away.

Performance Review/Optimization

Site reviews are your chance to have your site looked over by someone who knows WordPress inside and out and can be on the lookout for problems or changes that may have happened.